Daily Reminders

Hinderance in Prayer

Matthew 6:5-14

I find when I abide in Christ, he allows me to see connections with life and his word more clearly. Yesterday, he used my feisty, red headed, two year old daughter to remind me how to pray.

After being told to be patient and wait for the thing she wanted to do, she fell to floor in a fit of self pity and rage. She laid on her stomach kicking, screaming and her head buried in her arms. Then She would occasionally scream, “mama, I want you!”

The whole time I’m sitting on the floor watching her drama play out. I would speak softly and say, “Joanna, I’m right here.” But she could not hear my voice because she was too concerned in letting out her grievances.

The more she screamed the more apparent the lesson was in prayer and how I have pitched these same fits with God. I have walked right into prayer frustrated and and angry. I start listing out all my problems or start complaining about the unfairness I have been subjected too. I’ll yell out, “God I want you, I need you!” In reality, what I wanted is for him to hear me complain about my life and how unfair it seemed.

I could not hear His voice say, “I’m right here.” My ears were closed off because I was in my rage of self pity. I could not see him at work in the hardship I was experiencing because my eyes were buried in my arms. I came into prayer not to hear him but for him to hear me.

The same as it was for my daughter, it took me stopping my self pity fit and looking up to see God and actually hear his voice.

How often do we walk into prayer needing to be heard and pitching a fit about all that has gone wrong with our life? Then we leave that time of prayer never hearing from the Lord because the whole time was consumed with complaining.

Christ gives us an example of the right way to pray. We begin knowing who we are speaking with, the sovereign Lord over all. We begin to praise him for who he is and thank him for all he has done. Then we ask for forgiveness for our disobedient hearts and to forgive others. When we use this model we will find that prayer is a precious communication with God. We will be able to see our circumstances the way he sees them. We will begin to hear His healing words and what we were so frustrated with will be put into perspective.

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