Daily Reminders

Balancing Plates

Hebrews 12:1-3

I use to do lists to help order all the different tasks I have to do in a day. Without them, my brain feels like a jumbled up mess that can’t put one foot in front of the other. The lists are a great tool, BUT for me it can be the very thing that causes me to lose sight of Jesus in my everyday life.

Yesterday, My to do lists and ultimately my desire for control led me astray. I had 101 things to do and I simply did not have enough time. I got so overwhelmed by my lists and what needed to get done I could not function. The kids looked at me like I was nuts and I explained to them how my brain felt like a plate full of food and I was trying to balance it all but the plate was moving all over the place and I couldn’t. So they gave me some wise advice.

My 6 year old told me,”Why don’t you take some of the food off the plate.” My 4 year old suggested, “that I remain still and silent so I could balance.” I stood there in awe of how God could speak the truth right out of their mouths.

I took their advice and I went to a still and silent place and prayed. I prayed to have better perspective of my tasks and for him to guide the to do list not me and let go of what simply didn’t need to be done.

It was hard to let go and I can’t say I did it perfectly either. I tried to to take control again and fortunately was convicted on the spot; But by the end of the night, I had done more than what I had expected with far more energy than I could have hoped for. Letting go of control and trusting Jesus in your everyday life is really tough. We have our routines and our to do lists and everything that simply has to get done (cooking, cleaning, work, etc) but sometimes these things can get mis-prioritized. When we focus first on Jesus and lay down our lists, He will guide us in getting done what truly needs to get done.

1 thought on “Balancing Plates”

  1. Gosh, I need this reminder, everyday. It’s so easy to think you’re so unproductive because the standards WE set , don’t get done. When, in retrospect, giving up that control gets twice as much done with a whole lot better attitude. I’ll apply this tomorrow for SURE when demolishing the pre-existing deck… 😂 xoxox


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