Daily Reminders

Don’t Poke The Bear

Romans 5:15

My 2.5 year old red head has the strongest will I have ever seen. She is sweet as can be, when she chooses to be but she can turn on you and you swear you are battling a bear. Sometimes in the thrall of discipline, it is hard to remember that her strong will was given to her for a reason. The fierce spirit to fight was placed by God.

I had never thought of myself as a strong willed person but looking back through my teen years I tested my mother often. I had a know it all attitude and I was not afraid to show it. I know I pressed her patience and her sanity but she never gave up on me. She never let me get away with my bad attitude. She pressed upon me and directed me and always pointed me to Christ. I remember very vividly something she would always tell me,”I’m not the example you are suppose to look at, it is Jesus.”

During those years all I wanted to do is get out of that house and out from under her rule. Swearing up and down I’m not going to be like this when I’m a mom.

Hahaha!!! I’m exactly like her.

A strong willed woman to parent strong willed children. She was my example. The example of running to God and gaining my strength from him.

What a blessing it is to have a strong willed child. When cultivated and directed to God it is a powerful tool. It won’t let in and it is what will keep coming back to the Lord to be strengthened. It will fight and persevere when times are tough and circumstances seem overwhelming.

This wonderful strong will is from Lord. We are made in His image, the steadfast unchanging God. He is relentless and pursues His people. He never gives up. He holds fast and is the rock the unmoving foundation. How great is the strong will of God!

If you have a strong willed child take hope my friend! That will is a wonderful thing. It is trying and it is hard but you can rely on the strong will of God to guide you in directing and cultivating that beautiful will.

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