Daily Reminders

Living Life Uncomfortably

Matthew 14:22-33

My original idea of the perfect comfortable life included, always being happy in my marriage, having two kids, living in the “well to-do” neighborhood community and sending my kids off to a private Christian school. I would raise my kids up knowing Christ and I would be a loving wife and happy homemaker. Well if you can guess, this idea of a perfect life has taken a wild turn. No, my current life does not compare with the perfect comfortable idea I had in mind. It is not perfect and it is not comfortable, BUT it is exactly what the Lord has intended for me to grow spiritually and I’m so thankful because it’s far better than I could have imagined.

None of what I desired was bad. I wanted what I thought was best for me and for my family but God had another plan in mind. He was concerned with my holiness not my happiness and comfort. He wanted to draw me closer to him and for that to happen he called me into uncomfortable places.

I would consider my self a self reliant person. I can do most anything I set my mind to. However, this self dependency goes directly against dependency on God and hindered me from truly experiencing Christ’s power in me. It also shaped my idea of the perfect life because it was the life I could handle. God wanted more for me but that required me to depend on him and it meant I had to step out of the boat and walk in uncomfortable places.

Every time I have left my place of comfort to follow God I have never been put to shame. I have been blessed far greater than I could have imagined.

At times, I battle with God about leaving my comfort zone. I’m afraid I’m going to fail, or I’m afraid I’m going to get hurt, or that I won’t be enough. These are all lies because it isn’t about what we can do but what he can do through us.

If we remain in a comfortable state we become complacent and we start relying on ourselves and our strength to see us through. We end up missing the best for our lives when we choose to sit in the boat because it is safe, it’s familiar, it’s what we can handle.

It’s when we take that step into the uncomfortable places and trust God to do what he said he is going to do that we truly experience life. When we move out of the boat, we will see our faith flourish and bear fruit that was unimaginable.

Has God called you into an uncomfortable place? Are you resisting taking a step out of the boat? Place your trust in him walk where you never imagined you could walk and let him transform your mind and heart and come to know Christ in a whole new way.

1 thought on “Living Life Uncomfortably”

  1. No one really grows when they are comfortable. I have found that when I am pushed to do something that forces me to not be in control, God gets the credit because it is His strength and not mine accomplishing things.


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