Bringing Our Marriages and Families to the Threshing Floor

Book of Ruth

This morning while I was reading my devotional, the story of Ruth came to mind, specifically the phrase Kinsman Redeemer. I read the book of Ruth and asked God to teach me what he wanted me to learn.

To quickly paraphrase the book, Ruth followed her mother in law, Naomi, back to her homeland after all the men of their family had passed away. They were left without children to carry the men’s name and land to pass down. They hoped for a Kinsmen Redeemer would take notice and redeem the family name and land. In the mean time, Ruth, who was a woman of nobel character, began to glean (pick up the left overs) the fields of a man named Boaz. Turns out, Boaz was a kinsmen redeemer. He saw Ruth’s hard work and had heard of her character. He showed favor to Ruth by allowing her to follow his servant girls so she would be under his protection. Ruth was able to bring back enough grain to Naomi from her hard work and his favor. Naomi, knowing that Boaz was a kinsmen redeemer, told Ruth to go to Boaz at the threshing floor (a place where wheat was separated from the plant) and wait until he fell asleep and then lie down at his feet and wait. Ruth did as she suggested. When Boaz awoke and saw her there he commended her for her noble character and that she did not chase after younger men poor or wealthy but chose him. He then bought Naomi’s and Ruth’s land and married Ruth redeeming both women and the family land and legacy.

First, God showed me that we are Ruth. We may be married and have families but in time hurt might have been incurred or tragedy struck and they feel broken and dead. He showed me even though we may strive to know him and do what is right, sacrifice for our marriages and our family we do not have the ability to redeem them.

We often times, find ourselves in the fields picking up the leftovers of these marriages and families to try to make it through. We work diligently to provide we sacrifice for them but it still only brings in barely enough. We end up never actually partaking in the true harvest of blessing God desires for us.

It is when God calls us to lay at his feet on the threshing floor is when we will begin to experience the change. We must lay down all we have and allow him to do his work separating the good from the bad. In this stage, I find myself a little fearful. I, at times, am worried what would become of all that I have if he begins to pick it apart. What pain would I have to endure, while he does his work in me, my marriage and family so that we could benefit from the blessing. But that is the thing, all that I have is from His field. The threshing floor is a necessary place in order to experience the bounty of the harvest of blessing. On the threshing floor is where God does his work and redeems his people.

We lay at his feet under his mercy and his grace as he does his work in our lives. We will find favor in Him, those who have chosen Him over the trappings of this world. He will recognize us and he will redeem our families and our marriages. Through his redemption, He doesn’t move backwards to make what was but he makes something new with him. He takes us, our marriages and families as His and allows us to share in His true harvest.

Have you found yourself gleaning his fields? Working hard but barely having enough? Or has he called you to the threshing floor? To surrender it all so that He may separate what is good and what is bad. Allow Christ to be your Kinsman Redeemer for your family and marriage. Lay them at his feet on the threshing floor so he may do his work so you can share In His harvest.

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