Letters of Encouragement

Living Life Eyes Wide Open

I never felt like I fit inside any social box, even from a young age. I always got along with most everyone and could relate to them in one way or another. As I grew in my relationship with the Lord, I found I was never meant to be in any of the boxes. I was not created to fit into a man made mold because I was created to glorify Him with every part of my existence.

This morning an outpouring of thankfulness came from this understanding. I hope it will give others the encouragement to ask God to free them from the boxes that we place ourselves, others and God in.

My mind and the natural mind of humans wants to think in terms of boxes. We want to categorize ourselves and label ourselves. We want to separate and organize and try to make sense of our known world. And what we don’t know we still try to place in boxes of what we do know and neglect what we don’t understand. Instead of pursuing knowledge (that is the knowledge of God) that we lack understanding in, we dismiss it as trivial, unimportant, or too lofty. We dare not not ask for understanding or if we are bold enough to ask, we fight the transformation it requires to understand.

Lord, we will never totally understand and know you with this finite mind but one day in glory we will know you as we are fully known. I rest assured in my life that all I am and how you have designed me and what you have gifted me work in tandem with one another. Every weakness an opportunity for growth. Every circumstance opportunities of preparation to do the work you have called or will call me to do. Good or bad all working toward your end your goal. I cannot see every single connection in its entirety but I know it exists by this simple truth. You are an omnipotent God. You have ordained everyday ahead of me and you know the deepest depths of every woman and man on this earth.

I do not know what lays ahead, but I am empowered and I know it is for my good, whether it feels good or not. Nothing is coincidental all situations and circumstances tied and linked to a greater plan. I am just partied to that greater plan. I desire to live eyes wide open to watch the master creator put together and weave lives to one another to further His kingdom. I want live life knowing I am not simply here to exist but God has purposes and plans for me, great or small. I want to live life surrendered to the Lord, so that I am free to take part in his blessings and glory in my life. Lord I thank you for freeing me from the box that I knew I never belonged in.

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