The Marriage Garden

Marriages are like gardens. It requires the intentional tending to by three gardeners God, Husband and wife. Every good fruit that comes from that garden is from the Lord but it will have been worked through by the hands of the husband and wife. The couple must be diligent and intentional in the care of the garden. Pulling weeds when first spotted and planting seeds that bring forth fruit. The every day work of watering and pruning must happen to keep a healthy garden and a healthy marriage. Although, the work at times will be difficult and even mundane the fruit that it will produce will be ever lasting.

Likewise, if the couple does not put forth intentional daily work the once fruitful plants begin to dry out and wilt. When weeds are allowed to grow, it chokes out the flowering plants. When we neglect our duties as gardeners, we not only stifle growth of our garden but eventually it will allow the weeds of sin, selfishness, pride and bitterness to totally choke out every good thing.

How intentional is your gardening? Do you lovingly care for the garden allowing the Lord to work through you pulling weeds and planting seeds? Or do you sit back and neglect your garden by allowing your partner to do all the toilsome work or refusing to do any work because of bitterness?

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