10 years of Marriage

Today we hit the 10th anniversary mark of our marriage. I would love to say it’s been sunshine and rainbows but it hasn’t. It’s been hard. Life has taken many turns that I never expected. When we first got married our future was nothing but a picture of all of the beautiful possibilities I had envisioned in my head. However, as I travelled down the road of life the Lord led me in different directions other than white picket fences. He led me to unimaginable circumstances and a life full of fruit that is bared through surrender and sacrifice. My marriage is no where perfect and I’m not perfect. I struggle daily to set my selfish desires aside and pick up the Lords. I struggle even with the basics of caring for myself so the well isn’t dry so I can give to my husband and my family. But see, during this incredibly difficult seasons of extreme discipline, fruit that is eternal is being produced. Love is being shown beyond circumstances and feelings. Joy is being found amidst trials. Peace and comfort abounds during storms. I can praise the Lord when the days are hard and painful and I can praise him when they are sweet and fragrant.

This isn’t where I imagined life. It is better. The Lord grows in me a deep love for Him and for my husband. He is sanctifying me through my marriage. He uncovers what is hidden deep in my heart and heals old wounds. He transforms my mind and heart to be like his. He sets forth and produces a heritage for my children’s children. A heritage of blessing and transformation by a God who loves and has more for his people than this world can give.

As we embark on future years of marriage, it is always humbling to remember that our marriage is only a reflection of the covenant marriage between Christ and the Church. He is our bridegroom and we are his bride. Forever together, saved and made holy through his perfect blood.

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