An Unquenchable Fire

I can’t explain it. There is a yearning in my soul it is in every fiber of my being and draws me. I have never felt such a pull. It’s a pull that I know God has placed in me because it is drawing me to a life I would have never seen myself in.

This pull that truly I have no real words to describe is like a pull to the intended. A pull to the meant to be. There is a calmness a stillness that lies within it. It is unhurried. It is is acutely aware of details. All the sense are alive and firing. It is as though I have been awakened and set free. It is humbling.

When I step outside, it’s as if I can hear and tell that all of nature is praising him and it just makes me want to sit and listen to it’s song. I can’t explain this except an awakening of a part of my soul that had been asleep.

I believe my soul has been set on fire.

A believe a fire has been set to consume that which draws me away from the stillness and calm. A fire set to purify and refine. A fire that that consumes. A fire that drives me to a place that I have never been but long to be with the Lord.

I believe a revival is happening and I’m being sanctified.

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