Only God can fill the hole

I used this imagery to teach the kids about Gods love for us.
When we are born we have this hole inside our heart. It’s a missing puzzle piece. We feel it deep inside and sometimes we can explain it in words and others times it’s a feeling of longing or emptiness. I explained all people want this hole filled but so many people try use many different things to fill it. We use careers, relationships, and things to fill this hole. But all of those other puzzle pieces do not fit properly and the hole is not filled and we are not satisfied.
The hole is specifically a God sized puzzle piece. Anything less than him simply won’t fit and will not satisfy.
The enemy knows of this missing piece and as we search for other things besides God he places lies in our heart.
So if you have an emptiness about you a longing to be whole. Have you turned to the Lord? Are lies preventing you from seeking true wholeness in him?

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