What is grace? Is it a fancy bible word that we throw around as if we understand it. Grace is it a catchy word to plaster across shirts and decor.

Grace is it an excuse to be undisciplined and live by our feelings? Do we really understand it? Can we understand it? Do we accept it fully or do we accept it conditionally?

Is grace something that is involved in salvation alone or is it for every day? Where does work and grace meet? How is grace attained? Is it attainable?

Ugh, grace. Salvation through grace…unearned, undeserved blessing,favor and help. What is this? I’m programmed to work. Programmed to measure my output, my productivity, and my worth. Programmed to list my accomplishments and inadvertently my failures. Programmed to measure others to view what their life resumes hold and whether they are a success in this life and grace…what does it do? It dumps it upside down.

Grace…it takes the impossible and makes it possible. It takes the measurable and makes it immeasurable. Grace it frees us from the chains of perfectionism and judgement yet in the everyday day life of events I feel as though I turn from it.

Am I my own savior? Surely not. I cannot save my self from eternal judgement, Christ alone and His perfect grace has done that but what about in my today? Am I the savior of today? Am I the super mom of the week? Can I be enough and all for my family and complete and finish all the jobs that I have been tasked with perfect execution? Of course not! But why do I act as if I can? Why do I believe I have to?

The Lord has called me out into deep water I’m far from the boat of comfort but for some reason when I left or at least when I was walking I found myself starting to sink. How did my eye divert from the only one that holds me up. How did I leave grace in the boat?

Why has grace been defined in my mind as an excuse rather than a reason? The fact is I fall short. I am made new. A new creation but I am still in a sinful corrupt body who so longs to live by the flesh and live by the seen rather than the unseen. Even as I write this I think in my head…”how ridiculous you should know and understand this by now.” Ugh, the inner critic! The judge!

But if grace was so easy to accept so easy to live by all would be doing it but few do. No, grace…it’s a call it’s a gift. It beckons it heaters to a life of freedom. A life of freedom from the the chains of judgement and condemnation. It’s a call to be in the process of perfecting not to be perfect this side of heaven. It stands in the gap from missing the mark to hitting the mark. It shows up where I never could and it produces fruit that I could never produce on my own. It opens the door to take steps through doors that are too much for me. It opens path ways that would have otherwise been closed. It makes my worth measured by an immeasurable God rather than by the measure of man.

So, why do I embrace the chains? Are my chains a comfort? And to leave such chains is to live life trusting that what I do and who I am is not measured here but measured in heaven? Can I take steps to embrace the grace that is freely given to me and listen to voice of God rather than listen to those who measure what I do and who I am based upon a measure they have set?

Maybe grace in my every day beckons me to surrender my measuring stick and trust the Lord to to meet the mark. Maybe grace in my everyday, says I quit on trying to run the rat race of productivity and embrace production of eternal fruit. Maybe grace in the everyday says, I live a life I cannot live apart from God. My life is only livable if Christ lives through me and works through me to accomplish his perfect will.

Grace it’s what makes following Jesus possible.

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