Art in Progress

This is a work in progress painting of myself and my daughter nursing. And as I make progress with this painting it brings to mind the progress God has done in me.

Over this last year I have started painting again. I had not painted since I graduated high school. But as the Lord has been at work healing my heart and my lack of understanding of my identity, He has brought back a joy in my life. Growing up I loved drawing, and when I discovered oil painting in high school it was like a door opened to pour out creativity. Not to mention, I had an awesome friend in my class who loved the Lord and was an encouragement to me.

But when I entered into college that expression of joy was pushed way down. I unfortunately did not have the foresight or wisdom to value the talent the Lord had given me. I could not see how “art” would make money or get a good job. Since I lacked direction during that time, I found myself going my own way and eventually quitting.

Now, in Gods great mercy and grace the Lord has blessed me beyond measure regardless of the lack wisdom in my youth. He is a great God and he is full of grace and in that grace he is restoring what I once threw away. In this season of restoration, He has given me the wisdom and understanding of His gifts that he has given me. He is remolding my image to fit his design for me. What I took as a fun but useless talent is being restored for something greater.

The Lord has shown me the importance of artistic talent. The Lord is referred to a potter and we are his clay. He molds us into the shape he so chooses for the purposes he so chooses. Regardless of the clays purpose, it is art formed by the potter. In the same way, the art that the Lord guides me to create is for his purposes. Maybe the art will not be much more than painting my everyday life to be a reminder of Gods beauty in everyday things. I don’t believe that I will become some famous artist but I believe I can honor God through it. I believe God can use art to draw people to himself and bring glory to himself.

I see my own children developing an artistic talent. They have a love of drawing and creating and I have no clue what God will do with that in the future. But I do know God does not give useless talents. He has a purpose for them even if I cannot recognize it. As a parent, my job is to help my children cultivate the talents the Lord has given them and to help them look to Christ for their purpose. He already has a plan and design for them and I am just here to point them in that direction.

I am so thankful that the Lord restores what is lost and that he renews the mind and heart to be more like his.

2 thoughts on “Art in Progress”

  1. Keleigh. I am a musician by default. I have always enjoyed music but it has been in the last ten years that I have learned to play. Trumpet and violin. I devote a lot of time to music. Rose and the Lord are my main audience. I sometimes wonder if I have spent more time with music than is appropriate for someone who is not sharing or playing for a larger audience.


  2. What a beauty! God can restore our talents and use them in such miraculous and surely unexpected ways. God continues to amaze me in how He works in my life. So grateful to be able to stay in touch virtually. Miss you and your family. Merry Christmas Cottrell family.


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