A Poem of Addiction and Rescue

I was numb and I did not realize it. I could not hear well but did not understand why. My vision blurred but not knowing what was obstructing it. When I felt angry, I squashed it. When I felt sad, I pushed it down. When I was lonely and felt rejected, I buried it. When I became stressed, I subdued it.

I sought comfort that lasted only a moment, so I became addicted to trying to find satisfaction. My mind always looking for my next fix my next moment of relief. I became a slave to the need to rid myself of these negative feelings yet I did not know I was in chains. I did not know I was a prisoner because I felt “good” for the brief moments but was left destitute afterwards.

My addiction is not drugs but just as damaging to the body. My addiction is not alcohol but numbs the mind and spirit even more so. My addiction is common and frequent. My addiction plagues many people without them noticing it. My addiction destroys the body, the mind and relationships. My addiction was food, social media, and entertainment.

There is freedom and there is a rescuer. There is a chain breaker and prison wall destroyer. There is an over comer and a healer. There is one who gives life and light. There is one who satisfies the soul and subdues the acid of anger and bitterness. There is one who understands and is compassionate.

His name is Jesus.

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